Julian Corj (22)

Julian is one of the two TEDxKassel founders. He usually thinks big, loves to combine ideas and is very good in bringing different people to the same table. He enjoys seeing how one project can support another and how lots of different thoughts, if you add them together, can build into something completely new.

Carolin Pysalski (22)

Carolin brings a lot of creative energy into the TEDxKassel project. She enjoys creating things and is the artist behind the illustrations for our businesscards and website. She often pulls all-nighters to get stuff done.

Matthias Wolf (30)

This is Matthias who’s the man behind the amazing 3D-printed TEDxKassel cookie cutters. He enjoys to repair, explore and develop new things and brings a lot of motivation & ambition into the team. When he starts something he’s very driven to get the job done.

Andrew Hajek (18)

Andrew is the youngest Member of the TEDxKassel team. He came to join the project from a deep desire to see a TEDx Event happening in Kassel and wanted to be part of it. He’s great at working in a team and very interested in learning about Project Management.

Hai Hoang (26)

Hai is the second founders of TEDxKassel. He is eager to understand new things, make future plans and talk to fascinating people during long walks. Moreover, Hai is super curious and wants to constantly evolve. With his structural thinking, his organizational talent and his broad experience in project management, he supports the entire team process

Marvin Hoffmann (23)

Marvin is the sunny boy in the TEDxKassel Team. He comes with a lot of positive energy that lights the room and likes to make other people laugh.

Lídia Deyerling-Baier (28)

Lídia is a true bundle of joy. Her smile lights the room as she brings a lot of humor and emotional empathy into the TEDxKassel team. Everyone enjoys working with her because she’s very communicative and self aware.

Gamu (26)

Gamu is one of our newest TEDxKassel team members. She brings a lot of motivation, Initiative and team working skills into the team process .