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This year’s event will have a special focus on People who make change happen in small or big ways and who inspire us to create change ourselves. 



Sustainablity is one of our main objectives. Our events and talks are as sustainable as possible. Among other things we mainly offer vegan and vegetarian food options and refrain from print whenever possible.


Ideas worth spreading

Ideas worth spreading is the TED Talk Slogan which started all of this. TED and TEDx Talks are all about ideas that inspire and connect people on new levels. 

Watch the Talks

„Comfort is nice. Leaving the comfort zone can be extraordinary.“

2020 Speaker and 2021 Entertainment, Eva Keretic

„When people come together for the greater good, that’s when we create change“

2020 Speaker, Dan Atkins

„It’s time we shifted the mental health paradigm to embrace human neediness rather than fix broken machines.“ 

2021 Speaker, Traci Ruble

„When we allow ourselves to be our most authentic, that’s when we let our genius out!“

2020 Speaker, John Strelecky