Presenting: Our TEDxKassel 2020 Speakers

TEDxKassel Speaker

Fairstainability, Purpose & Teamwork | Linda Preil

Linda Preil is responsible for Supply Chain Management at Einhorn. Einhorn produces sustainable condoms and hygiene products while focusing on sustainable business practises and the maximization of social benefits. Linda loves dancing. Sitting quietly is not really her thing as she is always eager to explore new things and listen to people and their stories.

To her, TEDx visualizes that all people can share an interesting story and that we can all learn from each other. She sees it as her purpose in life to make sure she contributes to the well-being of others – be it her own family, her neighbors or the manufacturers involved in her company’s value chains. For Linda, social and cultural entrepreneurship means to appoach business differently by taking responsibility for systematic inequalities.

“Just because things have always been done in a certain way, it doesn’t mean you can’t change it and I think social enterprises prove this!”

Tackling Global Problems Locally | Armin Mesgaran

As head of INFINITY Deutschland Armin Mesgaran continuously builds up a nation-wide student initiative focusing on sustainability and social entrepreneurship. With INFINITY Armin and his team have established a platform which allows students of diverse disciplines to pursue sustainable projects entrepreneurially and learn by doing so.
For him, TEDx is the ideal platform for sharing his personal cognition with motivated like-minded peers, and for learning from other visionary speakers himself.
Armin’s purpose in life is to improve the world we all live in every day, sometimes on a smaller daily-life scale, sometimes on a bigger scale. He continuously wants to learn in life.

“Social Entrepreneurship to me is the most sustainable means of social change. It positively impacts society in the long-term by being founded on an economically sustainable basis.”

TEDxKassel Speaker

How Modern Technologies keep Indigenous Cultures alive | Emmanuela Shinta

Emmanuela is a multi-talent: Writer, filmmaker, community leader, activist, artist, and environmentalist… For her, TEDx is the ideal platform to share her ideas and message with a wide audience form diverse backgrounds and give an insight into her native Dayak culture.
Emmanuela believes her life has a purpose and her time on earth is a journey to pursue it. She sees the rights of her people being violated, so she stands up and advocates for them. She sees a young girl lose sight of her self-worth, she reaches out and convinces her that she is perfect the way she is. She sees forests being cut down and land wasted, she mobilizes a movement for climate action.
Her personal goal? Emmanuela commits her life to what she believes is just and right as an entrepreneur and educator, so she won’t regret anything when lying down on her death bed.

“Today never happened before and it will never happen again in the future. Make the most of every opportunity and never be ashamed of who you are because from the beginning of creation until the last dot written on earth ther is only on you.”

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