!Our Speaker Slots for 2021 are filled !

We want you for TEDxKassel!

The foundation for a successful TEDx event are the people involved! Be it as speakers on stage, as workshop teachers, or as artists – We want our program to be interactive, diverse and unique!

You want to become part of TEDxKassel 2021? Excellent! Just follow the respective form down below and get in contact with us. We are looking forward to you.

Check out this video if you are still unsure about the TEDx format:

Apply as a Speaker

TEDx is all about ideas worth spreading.

Do you have an idea that needs to be shared with the world because it has tremendous value? Can you create the positive impact that the world needs, disrupt entrenched structures, innovate where there is need for change or simply inspire and excite with your story? Great, then we welcome you to apply for a spot in our lineup for TEDxKassel 2021 to inspire the world with the NEW REALITIES that shape our present.

Topics include: Societal Change, Intelligent Technologies, Climate Change, Tolerance & Technologies, Education Systems & new Learning Methods, Social Engineering & Body Enhancement, The Effects of digital daily life on the Psyche. 

Please note that the topic of the talks should not have any commercial, political, or religious agendas and should be backed by scientific research if this is claimed.

Suggest a Speaker

If you do not want to apply as a speaker yourself, but you know someone who sounds like just the right person to be a part in TEDxKassel 2021, someone who has experienced something extraordinary, has an amazing idea that needs to be shared with the world, feel free to drop the name and topic, idea or story that this person needs to share with a broad audience, and you will have the chance to join this person at TEDxKassel 2021 for free, if he or she gets selected to be a part in our lineup.

Apply as Act in our Program

TEDxKassel in not just about the talks. The programm ranging from workshops to artists and cultural acts is equally thrilling. You are a singer, an artist or an academic that has an interactive act for your side programm, apply now and show us an amazing performance or inspire our audience in one of our workshops.