TEDxKassel 2020

In Fall of 2020 - in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic - the second TEDxKassel event took place under the motto of "Bring Tales to Life!" This all-virtual conference was undoubtetly our biggest project yet: 13 speakers from 6 different nations worldwide; a diverse workshop program developed in collaboration with our amazing network partners; a brand-new social startup competition - the stats and facts speak for themselves.

Impressions from the Conference:

International - Diverse - Inspiring

Our 2020 Speakers

TEDxKassel 2020

Dan Atkins


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our amazing Sponsors

We are proud of our continued partnership with HÜBNER GmbH & Co. KG as one of Kassel’s biggest and most engaged employers.

Initiated by a diverse group of its students, TEDxKassel was organised with the strong support of Kassel’s University.

This first virtual TEDxKassel format was brought to you in close cooperation with VONÜBERMORGEN GmbH.

and, Network Partners

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