1st all-virtual TEDxKassel Conference for Future and Innovation

Let's Bring Tales to Life!

We believe that the city of Kassel in the heart of Germany is the perfect place for TEDx ideas worth spreading. It has great potential to attract great speakers, as well as create a lasting impact all over the world. As such, we believe a TEDx event in Kassel would be a worthy contribution to the global TED community.

In our TEDx-conference, it is our aim to gather a widely varied audience full of creative minds hoping to foster a mindset of opportunities and possibilities for the future of the region and the world. Thus, we aim to unite a diverse audience looking to attain a far-reaching impact in all areas. In doing so, we can transport the idea of TED, in which each individual has a story to tell and everyone can contribute to the positive change of our world as well as to encourage listeners to participate. 

Once upon a time, there were two brothers who compiled stories to be remembered as guidance for generations to come. Nowadays, almost every child knows them as Grimms’ fairy tales. Because the Grimms have a rich history with the city of Kassel, we decided to honor their contribution to society by calling our TEDx event “Bring Tales to Life”.

We will invite external speakers to TEDx who can show us transformative approaches successfully being implemented in their cities and communities. This knowledge exchange will promote a better and more harmonious life in our society, so we can bring more tales to life and write our own fairy-tale endings together to be positively remembered for generations to come.

Save the Date!

October 24 / 25

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