TEDxKassel would not be possible without the support of our amazing sponsors

Hübner GmbH

We are proud to continue our partnership with HÜBNER after last years successful first TEDxKassel conference. As one of Kassel’s biggest employers, HÜBNER is known for promoting social res-ponsibility, diversity, open-mindedness and respect. Through their support of various local engagements, such as the UNIKAT Ideenwettbewerb, HÜBNER consistently brings tales to life.

Vonübermorgen GmbH

A virtual event like ours stands with the technical execution, so we have partnered with professionals. Being a young and dynamic film crew from Kassel itself, VONÜBERMORGEN identifies with our vision of building a strong exchange of innovations and ideas for Kassel and North Hesse. VONÜBERMORGEN will be responsible for bringing our virtual event to all of you at home.

Universität Kassel

TEDxKassel was initiated by  a diverse group of students from Kassel’s university. The UNIVERSITÄT KASSEL is strong in entrepreneurship education and knowledge transfer into the local business environment. Under its brand UNIKAT, the university supports and promotes young aspiring entrepreneurs and has earned the name “Gründer-universität” for its work  and commitment.

As Hesse’s institution for economic development we are extremely happy to know HESSEN TRADE AND INVEST by our side.

We are thrilled to have the University of Kassel’s DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS’ support for TEDxKassel.

With our vision of showing the potential of the region we can count on  the support of renowned companies and institutions like JAKOB & SOZIEN, and B.BRAUN. In addition, we are honored to know FRITZ-KOLA by our side being one of Germany’s most popular best-practice examples of responsible entrepreneurship, as well as Kassel’s DEPARTMENT OF HUMANITIES.

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