Adrian Wegener

Adrian is the founder and CEO of the @Eye Build It GmbH that addresses and builds internationally recognized solutions for an digital inclusive world. He has won about a dozen awards by the German government, European Union, United Nations and many more for his work as a founderin the field of universal and inclusive design. Additionally he is the chairman of the board for @gamesAHEAD e.V. a games industry association that supports founders and addresses various social issues through technology transfer.

In which way can technology develop in order to improve our society?

Technology and it’s developers need to work towards digital inclusivity thatenables everyone with and without disabilities to take part in this bright and highlytechnical world we see unfolding before us.

What doesstanding on aTEDx stage mean for you? What does stimulate you to participate at our conference?

To talk about the field of digital inclusion on a TEDx stage means to bring thisextraordinary important topic to an audience of existing and future changemakers


    9. October TEDxKassel - New Realities

    Talk 6