Dr. Stefan Carsten

As a futurist and urban geographer, I combine the topics of the future, the city and mobility in my work. The future is both a perspective and a method for questioning and uncovering current urban, mobility and living environments. The combination of space and time makes it possible to respond to known challengeswith new perspectives to shape sustainable future societies.

In which way can technology develop in order to improve our society?

In our lived realities, we have to ask ourselves again and again: what kind of society do we actually want to live in? And how do technologies help or hinder these goals. Technologies are always just tools, methods that can help us shape the future differently, better than in the past. Technologies can never be more than that. If we manage to ask the right questions, we are able to understand how technology can support us on this journey.

What does standing on aTEDx stage mean for you? What does stimulate you to participate at our conference?

Presenting my ideas and my perspectives on society to an international audience is the prerequisite for a mutual understanding of opportunities and challenges that are confronting our daily lives.


    9. October TEDxKassel - New Realities

    Talk 2