Lena Schaumann

My name is Lena and I am an entrepreneur's child as well as a child from the century of digitalization. I am currently taking over our family business as 4th generation and of course one of my big topics is implementing modern technology & connect it with the traditions of our firm. In this process I learned that the most crucial thing in this process are the people. Without their vision, their engagement and their willing to design and perform, the best technology is useless or at least very hard to implement. That’s why I decided to always put my people first, because I am convinced, that this approach will always lead us to the best results and is needed to get the best out of technology.

In which way can technology develop in order to improve our society?

In my eyes technology can improve society bysolvingall the tasks and problems it can simply do better and therefore give us time, money and space to work on the really important topics and tasks that need humanity more than anything: Such asdiversity, sustainability, female empowerment and so on.

What doesstanding on a TEDx stage mean for you? What does stimulate you to participate at our conference?

Standing on a TEDx stage means so much for me. Ever since I was 16 or 17, I've been watching TED talks and started dreaming of standing on this stage at one point of my life. To be honest, I never considered that I would actually come to a point where I have to say something that would be of interest on this special stage. Being a speaker at TEDx and knowing that I do have a message to share makes me beyond proud of myself and the way I've gone so far.


    9. October TEDxKassel - New Realities

    Talk 3