Dr. Steffi Burkhardt

Over the last seven years, I have been researching and speaking about the future of work, education and society from the perspective of my generation, the Millennials. In doing so, I have championed the needs and desires of the Millennials, who are quantitatively in the minority but qualitatively the most important generations to make the impossible possible and resolve the upcoming world, economic and climate problems for the next 50 years. In the end, it is about nothing more and nothing less than leading the planet and the different civilisations from the old into the new millennium. In doing so, I have tried to inspire the male-dominated decision-making circles in business, science, culture and politics to leave the experience approach by providing motivation and new perspectives. Google, Tesla or Facebook were not created through the experienc eapproach either, were they? In this day and age experience is, in my opinion, highly overrated. 

What motivates you to pursue your goals?

For my part, I have a highly intrinsical motivation to bring our European economy closer to the views and potential of Millennials. If we want to secure our position, we need bolder and more experimental friendly decision-makers. I am always surprised how nervously decision-makers still approach the younger generations and how little actually changes.