Traci Ruble

Traci Ruble has been practicing psychotherapy for 17 years, founded a Silicon Valley psychotherapy magazine called PSYCHED Magazine, and started a global human connection movement in 2015 where people listen to strangers on the street called Sidewalk Talk.  Her mission is to teach and inspire healthy human connection.  She is a recent transplant from San Francisco, CA to Heidelberg, Germany.

In which way can technology develop in order to improve our society?

When technology is more than an intellectual and profit earning pursuit but rather a means to further collaborate, cultivate belonging, and a means to live together in wholeness and harmony with each other and the earth, it can be a force for good in the world.

What does standing on a TEDx stage mean for you? What does stimulate you to participate at ourconference?

It means being real and vulnerable about how my life experiences–achievements, mistakes, and lessons, could make someone else’s life better. For years I had been nudged to give a TEDx talk. I finally felt I had reached a place of humility and experience that I had something to offer.


9. October TEDxKassel - New Realities

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