Zachary Goldberg

Zachary Goldberg is a philosopher whose research focuses on the ethical design and use of new technology.

In which way can technology develop in order to improve our society?

The diverse uses of new technologies in a pluralistic society obscures a clear answer to this important question. For this reason, it is paramount to continue asking this question rather than believing we have found its definitive answer. Questioning ourselves and our actions guards against ethical complacency and can help lead to the design and use of technology for the good of society.

What does standing on a TEDx stage mean for you? What does stimulate you to participate at our conference?

I am honored and thrilled to stand on the TEDx stage and to contribute to its environment of learning and to the discovery of new perspectives. The first step toward wisdom is wonder, and I hope I can spark a bit of wonder in my audience.


    9. October TEDxKassel - New Realities

    Talk 1