Program 2020

Involving | Interactive | Diverse

Introducing our Event Program

Yes, TEDxKassel will be a virtual event. But this does not mean a simple livestream with all participants sitting at home and doing nothing!

We have given it our best to create an event which will be as close to an in-person event as possible. Our TEDxKassel Talks will be complemented by diverse Workshops, side-events for cognitive relief, an interview with John Strelecky, a panel discussion about the opportunities associated with social entrepreneurship, and our all-new pitching event for local startups and initiatives: START UP KASSEL! In addition, there will be networking opportunities during all of the event.

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Events within the Event

The TED Motto „Ideas worth spreading“ stands strong in our TEDx conference. To show the great potential for innovation in North Hesse, we initiate an all-new startup-competition: Start Up Kassel!

Networking: Despite not being able to meet in person, between talks and other program items, we will give you the opportunity to connect with our sponsors, speakers and with each other virtually.

Interviews and Panel Discussions: Pose your own questions to our most renowned speaker and follow the debate about the role, effect, and challenges of social and cultural entrepreneurship.

Cooking Together: We have partnered with Kassel’s first completely organic restaurant to provide you with a fully virtual guided cooking session, so you can enjoy restaurant quality food from the comfort of your own home.

Interactive Idea and Desire Board: We wanted to give you the Chance to showcase your own ideas and opinions about the conference on a virtual whiteboard. This way, you can share your ideas and thoughts with everyone.

Yoga: Sitting in front of a screen all day can be exhausting; we know. That’s why we will provide you with opportunites to stretch your legs, ground yourself and re-energize during our yoga session and movement pauses.


Music: You miss this view? So do we! That’s why, among the many items in our program, we also provide live music sessions to get you in the right mood for thinking new and big (virtually of course).

Meditation: this Year has been stressful, but our conference won't be. Part of our supporting program will be a guided meditation session.

Meditation: This Year has been stressful, but our conference won’t be. Part of our program will be a guided meditation session.

TEDxKassel Workshop

Workshops: We’ll give you the opportunity to actively particpate in diverse workshops. Topics will invlude: Finding your own potential, creativity, sustainable living, and even songwriting.

Our Speakers

Interviews and Panel Discussion:

Panel Discussion

We invite experts from different fields to discuss what Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship means around the world. We will learn why Social corporations help to develope and increase welfare in societies. Furthermore, we will discuss challenges that social businesses face today and then we’ll focus on how social entrepreneurship can grow so that at one point it will even become bigger and more important than ’normal businesses. We will get insights in how a social startup can be founded and why the establishment of social startups needs to be supported by private and governmental institutions in order to face challenges successfully and provide a livable and prosper life of our generation and the next.

Interview with John Strelecky

Welcome John Strelecky with us to our TEDxKassel conference. In a live Q&A moderated by our moderator Christin you can ask John Strelecky questions regarding his books, how you can figure out what really matters for you in life and how to find your “Big Five for Life”.


Cooking Together

We have partnered with Kassel’s first completely organic restaurant to provide you with new recipe ideas and a fully virtual guided cooking session, so you can enjoy restaurant quality food from the comfort of your own home. 

Menu: Ofengemüse mit Linsendip und Kartoffel-Kürbis-Rösti

Instagram: bio_restaurant_weissenstein

Virtual Networking

Networking and meeting other people is one of the many things which have become more difficult this year. Nevertheless, we want to provide you with a Networking Opportunity that is as close to normal as possible. Thats why we will be using the Remo Conference tool throughout a large portion of our Conference.

For more Information on Remo click here.

Yoga Session - Susanne Spenke

Geht Yoga denn auch auf dem Stuhl? Auf jeden Fall!
Wie können wir einfach und wirkungsvoll Körper sowie Geist wieder klar und locker machen, um
nach spannenden Talks weiterhin aufnahmefähig zu sein? Am besten mit einer kleinen
Yogaeinheit. Und dafür musst du nicht einmal deine Matte ausrollen. In dieser Yogasequenz
mobilisieren und zentrieren wir uns sanft auf und um den Stuhl. Mit kreativen Übungen, die für
jeden (Business) Alltag geeignet sind, lernst du deinen Körper wieder zu spüren und Spannungen
zu lösen. Locker und leicht kann es im Anschluss mit den Talks weitergehen.
Für die Yogasession eignet sich ein Stuhl mit Lehne und ohne Rollen am besten.
Susanne Spenke ist Yogalehrerin, Ayurveda- und Stressexpertin sowie Balance Your Life Coach.
Sie unterstützt gestresste Berufstätige dabei wieder in ihre Balance zu kommen, damit sich ihr
Leben nicht mehr nach Kämpfen anfühlt. Denn es darf leicht sein.