Celebrating Earth Day 2021

Today, we are joining millions of people and institutions worldwide in celebrating Earth Day and advocating for more environmental protection and sustainability.

As a young team of volunteers, we want to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible. We repeatedly make sustainability a key topic in our conferences, regardless whether the event itself focuses on other specific topics like entrepreneurship or digitalization. Sustainability and environmental protection do not stop at being topics in and for themselves. They encompass all of our individual lives, and how we deal with them will significantly determine our future as a global society.

In the past, we have hosted inspiring TEDx Talks about environmental sustainability, while always paying attention on aspects of cultural diversity as well. For us, the both go hand in hand. We have put special emphasis on selecting fair-trade products for our goodie-bags and on working together with regional organic restaurants as caterers for our events.

While we are conscious about the environmental footprint of our TEDx conferences, we know that what we have achieved so far can only be a start as we try to become more sustainable with each event.

If you are as passionate about Earth Day and sustainability as we are, check out these inspiring talks from last year’s TEDxKassel conference:

The meaning behind relationships for rubber(s)

Linda Preil

How can modern technologies keep indigenous cultures alive?

Emmanuela Shinta

Fighting climate change through reforestation

Johannes Schwegler