Workshops 2021


Nordhessen gründet! Faktoren für eine erfolgreiche Unternehmensgründung by Jakob & Sozien (Philipp Hoffmann)

Topic: Entrepreneurship

Be a part of the workshop on entrepreneurship by Jakob & Sozien and gain insights into a step-by-step guide for a successful business creation.   

What Spaghetti and Teamwork have in Common by teamfluence (Joas Richter, Samuel Pohlmann und Stefan Westhauser)

Topic: Collaboration

Many fairytales draw the picture of a better tomorrow. When we think about the future, we think of new technologies and innovative ideas. But how can we act bravely, actively and above all collaborative beyond technological Innovations to create a better future? 

In this workshop we will adress the importance of collaboration, and how we can use it to create that future. For many storytales also draw this picture: different individuals with different strengths are needed to master the adventure! 

Get ready for action-oriented activities, an innovative model for team-collaboration and lots of fun and energy.  

Kreativität - Mindset oder Mythos by chilli mind GmbH (Oliver Gerstheimer & Hai Hoang)

Topic: Creativity

60.000 to 70.000 thoughts are circling our heads each day: positive as well as negative, useful and not so useful. Thinking happens all the time. And interestingly, our thoughts are craving to be expressed and presented – in spoken, written or drawn shape. Creative thought is the engine of human beings. To create something new lies within each and every one of us and can be learned. Then, new ideas are formed, new perspectives are taken and new realities are created.

Meditation by Lifecoach Claudia Jacobi

Topic: Meditation

Take a break and find your focus with the meditation workshop by Claudia Jacobi. 

Let's get smart, Kassel by Projektbüro "Smart Kassel" (Carsten Mauritz & Victor Deutsch)

Topic: Urban Development

The digital transformation offers vast potential for many areas of life, our mobility, our ways of living, but also our work amd education. But how can we make the best use of the possibilities that new technologies offer? How can smart technologies contribute to a higher quality of life, more togetherness, social inclusion or more sustainability? Find out more about the strategy development process of the “Smart City” Kassel project and help design the future of Kassel.  

Songwriting with Eva Keretic & Fontaine Burnett

We welcome back last year’s speaker Eva Keretic for a TEDxKassel Songwriting Workshop. 

On the main stage Eva and her collaborator Fontaine will engange with the TEDxKassel 2021 audience to compose a theme song for the conference. This workshop will be offered to all attendees and does not have a participant limit.